Our Rentable Vault

Renamed items don’t stack reliable in the current bukkit version. This is a bug in bukkit (reported here) that will prevent the vault from opening even though the correct key was inserted. We cannot fix this. But there is a workaround. Be sure to read it. Sorry about that :(


What is it?

We provide 6 rooms you can rent:

All rooms are reachable using a central keylock door. You have to throw the correctly renamed item onto a hopper to gain access to your room.

Workaround for the bug in Bukkit

Bukkit (the Minecraft Version that HCF uses) sometimes prevents items with the same name from stacking (try it: rename 10 items to the same name and see if they stack. Most likely you end up with two incompatible stacks). This prevents our keycard reader from testing for the correct key. You can force bukkit to fix the stacking problem like this:

Sorry about that, but there’s nothing we can do about it :(

How secure is it?

We tested the design for quite some time. We are confident that the system is secure. Only a correct keycard will open your room.

Here are some precautions we made:

How much does it cost?

You have to have a valid use case for your room. If you have, /msg us in game. We’ll figure out a price for you.

What you get

How does it work?

At our base, look for the beacons. Right behind them is the main vault entrance. It the main double door is closed (also indicated by the lit up redstone lamps), you have to wait till you can enter. You can use our safe room or the XP/enchanting room for that.


Once the door opens again, just run inside. The doors behind you will close again and stay closed for 3 minutes.

You have 3 minutes to get into your room before the outer door opens again

You now have 3 minutes to get into your room before the outer door will open again. This is how the vault entrance looks like inside when you enter it:


In front of you is the vault access that leads to the room. It is closed at the moment and the floor is covered in lava to prevent other player from logging out there. To the left is an anvil, a dropper and a hopper. The anvil can be used to rename an item. Renamed items are used as the keycard to unlock your room. The item name has to be kept secret as it will allow anyone to unlock your room. So only create your keycard item when you’re in the vault entrance.

Remember to have at least 5 levels on you, so you can rename the item. If you don’t have 5 levels, you can use our xp farm.


Next, throw the keycard item on the hopper. The system will read your keycard and, if correct, will open both the inner door and your room door. If you put in an invalid item, the dropper to your right will return your item.

Assuming you put in the correct key, this main door will open the the lava will retract. You now have access to the vault corridor. You now have one minute to reach your room. After that, the inner door and the room door will close again and the lava will come back.

You have 1 minutes to get into your room once the inner door opens. After that, lava will cover the floor. If that happens, use the emergency exit at the end of the corridor.


Enter the Vault through the inner door. The door will immediately close behind you to prevent other players from following you.

Walk straight to your room. The security system will close doors behind you.

Follow the corridor upto your room. You room is indicated by a lit up redstone lamp on the floor. Enter your room. The room door will close behind you.


This is your room. All chest are fully accessable by you. Store your stuff here.


When you’re done, use the drop at the opposite side of the door. This will lead down to the exit area. From here you have various ways to exit and get home safe. Before entering the shared area, be sure no other players are close by.


Inside the shared exit area you can chose either the surface exit or various basement exits. Once we have enough money we might also install an end exit here.


If you chose the surface exit, enter into the door indicated by “Surface Exit”. Follow the stairs (you’ll pass a safe room on your way up, use it if nesessary). At the end of the stairs is a pressure plate that will open an exit. Run out. Good luck!


If you chose the basement exit, you’ll drop down into this area (onto the gold ore). There are two one-way tunnels you can run into to use /f home (they both have safe rooms at the end, if you need them).

There is also a safe room in the corner. and 4 spots to drop down to y=11.


Finally there is the stair escape. It leads down to y=11 from where you can have a look around before you exit through a one-way iron door.


At y=11 we have a huge open area. There is enough space to get away from other players so you can use /f home.

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