This Guide was written for the Faction 3.0 plugin. Right now the server is running version 4.0. So some details might be wrong, but the general idea should still be helpful.

A fluffy guide to HCF: How not to die after 10 minutes


The best way to start playing HCFactions is to find some trusted friends and start playing together.

The server is currently on Map 27.

Every map runs for about 6-8 weeks before it is completely reset. Yes you lose everything at the end of the map, except extra lives you have.

You can also play lone wolf, but that’s more dangerous and you will probably have to hide/run a lot. The third way is to try to get into an existing faction. This most likely won’t work unless you are known to be a good PvP player and post your inventory on the subreddit after you’ve mined a lot. Please don’t spam the ingame chat asking for a faction to join. The Shotbow Network has a dedicated sub-forum for that.

In this tutorial, we’ll focus on starting a new faction.

Don’t ask if you can join any existing faction. No faction will recruit you if they don’t know you and you just started. Recruiting a player is a huge risk for a faction as single malicious player can make a faction raidable.

At Spawn

The Spawn is the pre-built area around x=0, z=0. It’s around 80 blocks in all directions. The borders of spawn are usually marked by colored wool. Inside the spawn, you cannot be killed, die from hunger, drown and you don’t take fall damage. You can sell ores for in-game money and buy other items using in-game money at the spawn shop (more on that later).

After you (re)spawn, you are protected from PvP (Player versus Player) for one hour. This protection will help you build your first base. The PvP protection only protects you from other players and prevents you from entering land owned by other factions. Once you exit spawn, you can be killed by mobs, falling, lava, drowning and, since the server is on hard mode, hunger.

Be careful to never disconnect or log out outside spawn when other players are nearby. This will turn you into a combat logger (more on that later) and you can be killed even while being offline and PvP protected. Only log out using the /logout command or if you are sure there are no other players around.

Stay at the spawn and find the free starter kit sign.

Map 14 had two such signs near the spawn at 0,0.

Free Starter Kit

Left click the sign to receive a fishing rod and a faction claiming stick. Use it to get at least 10 fishes in one of the lakes at spawn. Remember you can die from hunger. The first fishes will help you survive the next hour.

Catch a sufficient amount of fish (we recommend 10) or you’ll starve within 10 minutes!

Once you’re done, log out till it’s daytime. Why? You only have one hour of PvP protection. Since you can still be killed by hostile mobs outside of spawn, it’s better to only leave spawn during daytime. Logging out does not waste your precious PvP protection time.

While you’re logged out, use the map on http://hcfactions.net/map/ to find a good spot for your base. Look at this picture:

Zones around the Spawn

Each map usually looks like this around spawn: The green area in the center is the Spawn at x=0, z=0. You cannot build here and will take damage if you try to break blocks! Outside the spawn is the Warzone (orange area). It usually stretches out for 750 blocks from the map’s center into each direction. Inside this area, you can break and place blocks, but you cannot protect your building. So don’t build anything here!

The red areas inside the Warzone are the “King of the Hill” (KoTH) and Palace areas. These are special event areas. You cannot build or break blocks there and trying to do that will hurt you.

Most HCFactions maps contain four roads (yellow in the picture) leading to all four cardinal directions of the map. These roads allow easy travel out of the spawn and the warzone. Which leads us to the final area of the map: The Wilderness. It starts outside the Warzone and ends at the edge of the map (usually around 3500 blocks in diameter from Spawn).

The Wilderness is the large part of the map where you can claim land. Doing so will protect your base from griefing and other things (more on that later).

Now back to starting your first base. Depending on what you’re up to, look out for trees( tools and charcoal), swamps (slimeballs) and sand (to craft glass). You should also search for other factions (Use the “Markers” tool at the top right corner of the map). As a beginner, don’t build near other major factions! It’s too dangerous. Also don’t build near the four major roads, because you might encounter other potentially dangerous travellers. Stay clear of the event areas (King of the Hill and Palace). Good PvP players will otherwise walk by your base while going to them, which is probably dangerous too.

It’s more safe the farther you are from the Spawn. The only way to get back to the spawn is walking (or riding on pigs/horses). Since you have to get back to the Spawn repeatedly to sell ores, being far away is a slight disadvantage.

Find a sweet spot between too dangerous and too far away :-)

Leaving spawn

So it’s daytime again. If you play alone, you may choose between the spawn cannon (which will teleport you to a random location within the Warzone) or walking. If you play as a group, walking is the only option to stay together. We’ll focus on the latter option. Pick a road and start walking past the spawn’s border. Remember, you can now be killed by mobs, drown, fall or die from hunger! The first thing you should do is craft a wooden pickaxe, get some cobblestones and craft a stone sword. This helps you in case you have to defend against hostile mobs. Also destroy grass and collect the seeds for your first wheat farm. Next get some more wood and collect saplings (and if possible the apples - more food!). Other optional things to take with you if you find them: sugar canes (for books and brewing), mushrooms (brewing), cobble (furnace) and coal (torches plus smelting).

Keep an eye on your remaining PvP protection time (use /pvp time regularly).

Head to the spot you intend to build your base on. Be careful not to fall into ravines or other deep holes.

Build a miniature shelter from anything you collected on your way. Use the correct size (see below) and shape. If you did not collect enough dirt, wood, cooble or any other solid material, dig down (not straight down!) and close off the top.


Once you’re there, you first have to create the faction and claim land, so everything you build is protected from other players. First do /f create {factionname} (substitute {factionname} with your preferred faction name). This will create the faction and put your player’s 100$ in-game money into the faction account. Your faction now owns 100$ which you can spend to claim land. To do so, craft a stick. With this stick, hit the two corners of the land you want to claim while not crouching. Since you only have 100$, you can only buy a small piece of land. There’s also a tutorial with more information on claiming.

The claiming cost can be calculated like this: The first 250 blocks cost 0.4$ each, then 0.8$ per block for the next 250 blocks, 1.2$ for the following 250 and so on. As you see, claiming gets more expensive the more land you want to claim. If you start a second claim, it costs 500$ plus the cost for the blocks. The third claim costs 1000$ and so on. More information on claiming costs is available on the forum. You can also use our claiming cost calculator:

Claiming your claim with a size of x will cost you $$$. It probably makes sense to claim this land using multiple claims.

With your 100$, you can claim a 15x15 area. Do this now. Once you hit the second corner of your land with a stick, the game will tell you the claiming cost and ask you for the name of the claim. Just type the name into the chat. Use “base” for example.

Next, use the stick and left-click into the air (without hitting any block). You should see pillars made of glass. These show you the corners of your land. Use them to make sure you built your base within your claim. Left click with a stick into the air to get rid of them. If you don’t have a stick, you can also use /f map to toggle those pillars.

If you are playing as a group, now might be a good time to invite your friends into your faction.

Inside your claim, other players cannot build or break blocks. But they can interact with these blocks, so be careful when you use them:

Claimed space is shaped like a cube: your claims encompasses the complete vertical space (y=0…255).

You can unclaim land. If you do that, the block costs (that is all except the costs for starting the claim, e.g. 500$ for the second claim) will be refunded into the faction account. If you disband your faction, all the claiming costs and the faction bank will end up in the leaders private account.

Building your first base

Look at this exemplary side-view of your claim:

Side view of your first claim

The red area is the area outside your claim; other players can place and remove blocks there. The glass pillars show the border of your claim. Unless you know what you’re doing, build your walls at least one block away from the border of your claim. This prevents other players from interacting with – for example – your doors! Never build any redstone sensitive block close to your walls. Look at this picture:

Redstone at the edge of your claim

The red area is outside your claimed land. See the redstone wire 2 blocks inside your claim? It’s powered by the repeater and redstone torch any player could place outside your claim.

Always build redstone sensitive blocks at least 2 blocks away from the edge of your claim.

Here is another thing to avoid as it will get you killed. Be careful how much you dig out underground. Here’s a picture:

Accidental holes in your base

See the staircase going under ground? The small tunnel was build one block too far. Now the wall (in red on the picture) is outside your base! So any player can remove the dirt block that’s your wall. Once players see your base, some of them will dig down to search for these holes. Be careful! How to prevent this? Look at this picture:

How to check the border of your claim

Not sure if the wall next to you is safe? Do a wall check like this: Carefully check if enemy players are nearby. Then dig out the 4 blue blocks. Now walk into your small hole. When you enter the outer block - the position marked as 1 in the picture - you should see a message like this in your chat: “Exiting {your faction name}” “Entering Wilderness”. Now walk back to position 2. You should see another message: “Exiting Wilderness”, “Entering {your faction name}”. This means that position 2 is already inside your claimed land and your walls were safe. Put the blocks back inside the blue area and enjoy the safe base.

Hint: Turn on the debug screen (Press F3) to see the coordinates. Walk into two opposing safe corners and write down the coordinates. Check against those when digging.

Inviting other players (and the power system)

First a word of warning: Don’t trust anyone (except the players of the faction fluffy that wrote this tutorial :-) ). Only invite people you know. You have a trustworthy player? Lets get the player into your faction and to your base.

Lets start by discussing how factions work on HCF: Each faction has a property called power. The maximum power a faction may hold is determined by the number of living players in the faction. A faction with one player has a maximum power of 10. A two player faction has a maximum power of 20 and so on.

Check the power of your faction using /f show. Look for Power in the first line. The power increases (after a delay) over time up to the maximum level. If a member of your faction dies, the power will decrease. If the power ever gets below 0, your faction will be raidable. A raidable faction loses protection on their claim: other players can break blocks and do anything inside your claimed area. Don’t ever let your faction become raidable! A raidable faction’s players are often annihilated inside their own base and all the faction’s valuables are stolen.

The output of /f show contains a line Faction Deaths to Raid-able (DTR). This is the number of member deaths that will lead to the faction becoming raidable. If this number is below or equal 1, be very careful: Do not die again! Since DTR is tied to the faction’s Power, you should wait till your member is alive and back in the game. The power will slowly restore up to the maximum level. This might take a while, so be patient (and careful). With the power level raising, you’ll also get more DTR. You should try to always have a DTR bigger that 1, such that the (accidental) death of a single faction member doesn’t cause the faction to become raidable.

The more members your faction has, the more DTR you get. But DTR grows very slow beyond a certain point. With 5 members you have 4 DTR. To get DTR of 5, you’d have to have at least the double amount of players. Take a look at this graph:

How Power leads to DTR

On the X Axis you see the power while the Y Axis indicates observed DTR values for that power (Example: Power 110 leads to a DTR of 4.4). You see that adding more power add less DTR each time. How Power and DTR exactly relate to each other is not explained anywhere, but the graph should get you an idea. Just keep in mind: Adding more players doesn’t really increase DTR beyond 5 players. This seems to be to optimal number of players in a faction.

Now back to inviting. It’s best to invite players when they are already near or even inside your base. Otherwise mobs or any other hazard might kill them on the way to your base and lower your DTR or even make you raidable. There are two ways to get new players safely into your faction:

The long walk

The new player first walks to your base, just like you did (remember to get some fishes first). Once the player is near your base, let them in (See below on how to build safe entrances).

Then do /f invite {playername}. This will invite the player into your faction. The other player has to join your faction then. This can be done using /f join {faction name}. Welcome on board.

Once a member of your faction enters the faction land, the PvP protection ends. Be careful while entering your faction land if enemy players are nearby.

Teleportation (/f sethome and /f home)

There’s only one way for players to teleport on this server (aside from the spawn cannon): From anywhere safe back to their faction home. Faction members can only teleport back to the faction home after a faction home was set. This can be done using /f sethome. Some things to consider:

Ready to /f sethome? Find a good spot inside your faction claim and do /f sethome. Your teleportation point is set. You can always move your teleportation point by doing another /f sethome. Faction members can now teleport back to the base using /f home if the following conditions are met:

To see your faction money, use /f show and look for Faction Balance. The safest way to get a new player into your faction is for them to still be at spawn: They have full hunger and full health there. Also other players don’t prevent you from using /f home.

Ready? Invite the player using /f invite {playername}. The player then has to join the faction using /f join {your faction name}. Your new member should now deposit his money into the faction. The new member can check the personal money with /econ. It’s 100$ for new players. This money can then be transferred into the faction bank using /f m d 100 (short for /faction money deposit 100). Check /f show to see the new faction balance.

If there is more than 50$ in the faction account now, the member can use /f home. Welcome aboard.

You can only /f home from the overworld. It’s not possible to use /f home in the Nether/End.


This server has a chat plugin that offers different methods to communicate with everyone, your faction and a certain player.

Faction Chat

By default new players are in global chat. To enter the faction chat, use /mc fc. This will put you into faction chat. Everything you type in the chat box will end up in faction chat and only your faction members can read it.

Don’t talk in global chat about what you’re doing. Players might use that information to kill you.

To talk in global chat, while still being in faction chat, prefix the things you want to say with an exclamation mark like this:

!hello everyone

To talk to an individual player, use

/msg {playername} Hello!

If someone messaged you, you can reply with

/r oh hi

There’s also a ding sound in game that notifies you of messages you received from other players. If this sounds is too annoying just to /sounds to turn it off. Use /sounds again to turn it back on.

There are also channels you can join or get invited to. They are useful for alliances. You enter a channel with /mc join {channel} and leave it with /mc leave. You can only be in one channel at a time. Use

#hello channel

to talk to the channel.

Setting up the base

You should setup your base to provide you with everything you need to survive. It’s highly recommended to build an ugly cobble bunker first.

Don’t let even the tiniest hole in your base. Players with ender pearls can use them to get through even the smallest gaps. This includes: Chests, Gaps created by tilled dirt, slabs, gaps created by stairs and so on. The generic rule is: If you can destroy/place blocks through it, players can pearl through. Be careful!

Craft stone tools and dig to level 30. The usual Minecraft rules apply (“Don’t dig straight down!”). Be careful not to dig holes into the base. Once you’re down, dig a tunnel leading out of your base. Before digging outside the base, seal of the base behind you by placing dirt blocks. Then open the wall. Welcome back to the Wilderness. Search for iron and coal.

Craft a bucket and get water (if possible from underground, so you don’t have to be outside above ground) and build a well inside your base. Then build a wheat farm. And watch your first bread grow. You now have everything to survive.

You might also want to dig out a bigger area inside your base (remember not to break your walls) and grow trees inside your base.

Every base needs an entrance

While being easily crafted, don’t use wooden doors. Zombies will destroy them and you’ll have a hole in the base. Always remember not to place your doors and other redstone sensitive blocks near the edge of your claim. Otherwise players can (and will!) open your doors by placing levers or other redstone items!

The crappy security gate

For the first entrance, consider using a cheap “security gate”: Have two distinct and easily breakable blocks (like dirt) on the wall of your base. On the inside, build a little tunnel (light it with torches) and put 2 more easily breakable blocks at it’s end.

To leave the base, break the inner blocks, get in the tunnel and place the blocks again. Then go to the other end and break the blocks leading outside. Leave and place them again (this prevents enemy players from walking inside, logging of and waiting for you to open the inner blocks). Repeat the process to get back inside.

Iron doors

A better gate can be build by replacing the dirt blocks with iron doors (don’t use wooden doors, as zombies will break them). Use stone buttons (don’t use wooden buttons, as they can be triggered using a bow and arrow) next to the door to open them. Be sure to have enough space between the two doors, so that there is space for 2 buttons in the tunnel. Don’t open both doors with one button, otherwise you cannot open the inner door without opening the outer door too.

The wooden alternative

Some faction prefer a gate using two stacked fence gates on the outside and a wooden door in the inside. Since Zombies cannot break fence gates, this works too.

Nether defense

There is another way for players to enter your base. If they know your coordinates, they can go into the Nether and build a portal at the coordinates for your base (x and z divided by 8). When they enter the portal, Minecraft checks if there already is a portal in the overworld. If no portal is nearby, it will create a new one. This portal might be created right inside your base!

Always build a Nether portal, even if you don’t intend to use it yet.

To prevent this, you have to build a Nether portal. Search for diamonds (best level for that is around y=11). Build a diamond pickaxe and mine obsidian. Then build a Nether portal inside your base in a room that can be closed (to prevent zombie pigmen and enemy players from entering your base). Be sure to leave empty an space of 2x3 air blocks on both sides of the portal. If you build anything there, it will be destroyed by the first player entering your side of the portal. This is a special portal behaviour on hcfactions that prevents players from building portals that trap other players. See the thread on the forum for more details.

If you don’t find diamonds, you can also create a portal using only buckets and lava/water..


HCF provides temporary player classes which enable special abilities. To activate classes on this server, you have to wear certain armor. The most useful class at the beginning is the Miner Class. It provides you with Haste II and Night vision. To activate the Miner Class, craft yourself a set of unenchanted iron armor and put it on. You should see a message in chat that says “Miner Class activated in 60s”. Wait 60 seconds and you’ll get the effects associated with the Miner Class. The Miner Class makes it easier to mine, since you don’t need torches and you break blocks slightly faster.

The Miner Class also enables Zuergner mining (named after the player that made this mining technique public): If you have an Efficiency 5 pickaxe, you’ll melt through stone like butter. But more on that later.

Be careful about mineshafts. The cavespiders that spawn there are very dangerous. The server is in Hard Mode, so they will poison you. Consider carrying a Milk Bucket with you, so you can remove the poison effect.

Getting back to spawn and making money

Once you mined enough ores, it’s time to sell them at the spawn. It’s called a Spawn Run. You have to walk back to spawn. The spawn is always at x=0, z=0. There are several ways to get there, although only the first one is available for beginning factions:


Walk to x=0, z=0. Be sure to take enough food with you, so you don’t starve on your way to spawn. Don’t forget the items you want to sell. Only leave at daytime, otherwise you’ll have to fight with mobs. If you have good armor at this point, you can also leave at night, since this provides some protection from enemy players. Be careful not to walk right by major factions. Don’t walk too close to the event areas (King of the Hill and Palace) if an event is currently running (use /koth time to find out). Have some tools and blocks with you so you can dig if necessary. Once you’re near spawn, run in. If other players attack you, don’t fight back, as this will “combat tag” you and will prevent you from entering spawn for 60 seconds (Note that a thorns armor will count as fighting back, so don’t wear one when doing spawn runs).

If you already have a brewing stand, consider using Invisibility. To be fully invisible, you cannot wear any armor or have any item selected. While players should not be able to see you (except for some barely visible particles), be even more careful about hostile mobs!


You can also reach the spawn using the Nether. The distance is divided by 8, so the walking distance is a lot smaller, but probably more dangerous. Be careful about Zombie Pigmen. It is possible that other players made them aggro and they attack you. This happens a lot, so watch out!

The Exit portal in the Nether (that leads right into spawn) is located somewhere around x=0, z=0 in the Nether. There’s also a safe zone around the exit portal, where mobs and other players cannot hurt you. Be sure to bring enough building blocks with you so you can build bridges or stairs if necessary. Gravel is very helpful when descending into deep pits. Also bring some extra tools with you, as you might have to dig a lot.

The End

If you live near an End portal (or even have your own (more on that later)), you can use the End. It’s the quickest way back to spawn.

Don’t go into the end without proper armor. Players might camp there waiting for you.

Selling and transferring money

At spawn, there’s the Spawn Shop somewhere. There are signs on the wall which you can hit with the left mouse button. This will sell the ores in your inventory and put the money in your personal account. Use /econ to check how much money you have. You should never walk around with money in your pocket, a player which kills you gets your money. And it’s lost when you die to mobs.

Always transfer money you have on you to your faction bank account. Check /econ to see the amount of money you have, then do /f m d {amount} to transfer it to the faction. Use /f show to see the faction balance.

Always transfer money to your faction. Otherwise it’s lost when you die to players or mobs.

Once you sold your ores, it’s time to get back home. Use /f home for that. You’ll be back at your base (remember that costs 50$).

Prices for selling

  single stack stack of blocks
Redstone $1 $64 $576
Lapis Lazuli $2 $128 $1152
Emerald $5 $320 $2880
Iron $5 $320 $2880
Gold $10 $640 $5760
Diamond $50 $3200 $28800
Sponge $1000 $64000  

Prices for purchasing

Some of the items might not be available yet. Ask in chat before you go to spawn to buy them.

16 Stone Slabs $50
16 Moss Stone $50
16 Cracked Stone $50
16 Circle Stone $50
16 Moss Cobble $50
16 End Stones $100
Chain Armor $400
Mycelium $500
Book and Quill $10
Redstone Lamp $10
Slimeball $25
Villager Egg $500
Blaze Rod $750
Netherwart $1500
End Portal Piece (you need 12 for a full portal) $15000
Crowbar1 $50000

Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Custom Item Recipes

There are 3 custom crafting recipes you can use:

Custom recipes

Expanding your base

To be done…

Efficiency 5 mining

If you have an enchantment table, work towards getting a Efficiency 5, Unbreaking 3 pickaxe. The easiest way is to combine a Efficiency 4, Unbreaking 3 pickaxe with another Efficiency 4 pickaxe on an anvil. Be sure to rename your pickaxe, otherwise repairing it will cost 2 additional levels each time up to the the point where it’s no longer possible.

With your new pickaxe, use the Miner Class, go down to y=11 and start mining like crazy. Strip mining will be boring after you’ve tried this once :-)

See this video for more information on this technique. Be sure to also enchant a Fortune 3 pickaxe, so you can get more experience and ores while mining. It’s up to you if you carry a Silk Touch pickaxe with you (and use the Fortune pickaxe at home) or use the Fortune pickaxe while mining.

Use the Minecraft Enchantment Calculator to find the best level to enchant your items.

Moving a spawner

You can buy a crowbar for ????$ at the Spawn Shop. It will allow you to pick up a spawner once. Use it wisely.

Do NOT use the crowbar to farm. It will decrease its durability making it impossible to pick up spawners!

You should always have one spawner to grind XP you can then spend on books or other enchantments.

Enchanting and XP

The server removes some enchantments available in vanilla minecraft and caps others to certain levels (see details on hcfactions.net). This creates a more balanced PvP. There is also an XP modifier active, so you get 3x the amount of XP for everything you do.

Unlike vanilla minecraft, you can remove the enchantment from books by hitting an Enchantment Table repeatedly. So don’t collect your Bane of Arthropods books :-)

You can save levels in bottles of enchantments by clicking on a enchantment table with an empty bottle. Use it to store experience that you cannot use now or might use in the future in times when mob spawning or other sources of xp are disabled - for example during Palace or EOTW.

Placing an end portal

If you have 12 end portal pieces, place them while standing in the middle. Also put in the eye of ender from a position that’s located towards the center of the portal. If you fail to do this, your portal might not light up. Contact the admins if that happens.

Protecting against cheaters

Try to build walls 2 blocks wide. This might help against players that try to v-clip/h-clip into the base. Piston doors might help also because iron/wood doors can be easily clipped through. Sadly this happened a lot in recent maps. So if your near spawn, be prepared to face cheaters.

So don’t afk inside the base. You might not be as safe as you think you are. Contact the admins (Use the modmail link in the right bar on the subreddit) if cheating happens.


Don’t do it. Seriously. It’s probably not worth it. You reputation will suffer. All players will remember that you betrayed and you’ll most likely never get a spot in any good faction again.


Click and jump the other player until one of you dies. Good luck.

Well. Not really. There’s a lot more to it. Since this tutorial was written by fluffy, a peaceful faction, this is everything we can say about fighting technique. Be sure to check out videos on youtube and follow the [subreddit][subreddit], where players sometimes provide insights on how to fight.

Don’t even try to fight diamond players without proper equipment. You’ll die in 5 seconds. Run and hide!


See the description on the website for more information on classes. Here is a small summary:


The archer class is activated by using leather armor. It enables speed and also modifies that damage done by arrow hits. The damage is multiplied depending on the distance of the target. A hit from 50 blocks will deal five times the damage. The vertical distance is not relevant. Only the horizontal distance is used for the damage calculation.


Rouge is activated by using chain armor (you can get these from skeleton spawners or maybe at Spawn). Rouge can use golden swords to try to backstab diamond players. These backstabs will deal great damage. Rouge also gets a high speed buff, which might make it easier do to spawn runs, since it can outrun other players.


A set of golden armor enables the bard class. The bard is a support class that can provided buffs to near players of the faction.

Combat Tagging

If you attack other players, you’ll be combat tagged. This prevents you from entering safe zones for 60 seconds.

Combat Logging

You cannot escape fights by closing your Minecraft client. Disconnecting from the server while close to an enemy player will create a combat logger for 30 (???) seconds. A combat logger looks like a pigman with the player’s name. If you kill the logger, the player dies.

Be careful. There’s an unresolved bug in the combat logger code: If two players (maybe of the same faction?) combat log at the same time, the combat loggers attack each other.


Enderpearls have a cooldown time of 15 seconds. So you have to wait between consecutive usage.


If you die, several things happen:

Your factions DTR (death to raidable) is reduced by one and it will stay there until power starts to regenerate. Power starts regeneration after 45 minutes plus 4 minutes per faction member. So if you have 5 Members in your faction it is 45 + 4*5 minutes = 65 minutes.

Getting back

If you respawn (either by buying XP and converting them to lifes, getting donated a life or waiting till the deathban expired), you’ll be in the safe zone of the dimension you’ve died in.


See our Permissions Tutorial.


See our Permissions Tutorial.

Events (King of the Hill, Palace, etc.)

Check out this (old) article.


Basically stand in a certain area (cap zone) at a certain location for 20 minutes to win the KOTH (King of the Hill). While KOTH is running the area around the capzone has a reduced deathban of 15 minutes. So it’s not too dangerous to die there. Be aware that when you win KOTH deathban returns to the full scaling deathban an you might be banned up to three days if you die.


Basically like KOTH but with reduced loot. They don’t have a fixed location and spawn randomly (outside of faction claims) on the map. The location is announced in chat.

Evil Tower

You enter a tower and have to fight your way against mobs (and potentially other players) through 13 floors. At the top of the tower are loot chests and an end portal exit. Do /f who EvilTower to find out where Evil Tower is on the current map (if at all).

Mob damage multiplied, so mobs do a lot of damage. It’s recommended to go as a (small) team. Team size should be below DTR of course. Don’t become raidable doing Evil Tower!

Evil Mine

PvE Zone where you can fetch loot from chests.


Extreme Grass Growing is a minigame which is available as spawn from time to time. 16 Players in a glass cube wait for grass to grow to their spot. The winner gets items (some unobtainable by other means, like admin heads). The entrance is in the water below the east bridge inside Spawn. Remember to not wear leggings while playing EGG :-)

End of the World (EOTW)

The last big fight before the map ends. There’s a capzone at spawn that has to be captured for 30 minutes.

Random Tricks

Created 2014 by dividuum and MineSprawl.

  1. (Crowbars can be used to break mob spawner)

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