Sorry, we don’t currently offer base tours.

Visit our base!

We built a special player gate to safely invite non-faction players into our base. It is located on the east end of our claim next to the main road (x=784 y=64 z=23).

Here is how it looks from above:

There are three color-coded areas:

The blue path is your way into our base. To gain access, you have to follow our entry protocol as described below.
The red path marks the “point of no return” and the way out. Here, you will be able to retrieve your gear and go outside.
The green area is our space to guide you through the process and push buttons.

Hands-On Guide to Getting In

Schedule a meeting. Join us in our mumble (Mumble-Link). Go to x=784 y=64 z=23. Walk up to the left door, we will let you in.






We would now like to ensure that you are not piggybacking other invisible players. This part looks a little scary, but it’s completely safe. It works like this: you enter the space with the weighted pressure plate and the piston door closes after you. If there is more than one person on this spot, the front door will open again and the rear gate stays locked. If you are alone, we will open the rear gate from the inside and you may proceed.

Both pistons are made from sand and glass. If the piston door closes around you, Minecraft will push/glitch you to either side instead of suffocating you.


You can’t bring any gear into our base. That also includes your armor! Please leave everything in the chest to your right, you will get everything back when you leave. Please tell us when you are done, we will then open the door for you.

Please leave your gear at the front door

To make sure that you left everything on the previous room, please move the entire content from the chest to your left into your inventory. After that, close the chest and wait for a few moments. You may then reopen the chest and put everything back.

Minecraft provides a method to move all items of a kind in one go. Use it to speed up this otherwise tedious task:

The next sections features a small chest containing a single armor and food. Please take it and put it on. Here is the deal: while you are wearing that special armor, fluffy’s members will regard you to be friendly and welcome. Thus, we will not attack you unless you act hostile. Once you take it off, all bets are off :-)

There are lots of saferooms scattered around our base. If you are threatened (for example by a combat logger left behind by us in case of a network glitch), please make sure to retreat there for safety.

Hands-On Guide to Getting Out

We will walk you back to the visitor’s gate and let you back into the rear part. We have some invisibility potions stashed next door if you need some to get back safely. Once you walk past the iron door, you will have to start over to come back inside.

Please grab your gear from the chest on the right side. Walk through the iron door or use /f home. Have a safe trip ;-)

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